Wow. I will be using these just about every night!

My first thoughts on the morning after using Sova8 for the first time were, “Wow. I will be using these just about every night.” That being said, I must note that I’ve had difficulty staying asleep, and getting Good sleep, for several years now. I would also frequently become agitated when staying up too late knowing that I’d not get the necessary sleep to make up for something as innocent as to finish watching a movie or read some [...]

sleep aid hologram

Do I need SöVA8 ?

If you experience problems having a good night’s sleep you need to use SöVA8 These frequencies or energy waves are necessary to achieve relaxation, SöVA8 was designed around a known technology, but with a twist! Imprinted with waves of various sleep frequencies, the programmed BFT SöVA8 holograms are placed on known acupuncture or gate points. These frequencies communicate with the body cells via these gate points and are channeled to the meridians, through which energy flows. Meridians, altogether known as [...]