Wow. I will be using these just about every night!

Wow. I will be using these just about every night!

My first thoughts on the morning after using Sova8 for the first time were, “Wow. I will be using these just about every night.” That being said, I must note that I’ve had difficulty staying asleep, and getting Good sleep, for several years now. I would also frequently become agitated when staying up too late knowing that I’d not get the necessary sleep to make up for something as innocent as to finish watching a movie or read some more of a real good book.

That all changed when I started using sova8. I get consistent great sleep now. The kind of sleep that actually allows you to feel recharged when you wake up in the morning. I also dream again. Had been missing dreaming for such a long time that the first night had me amazed at the amount of dreams I’d had!

The best part of it all is I’ve more energy, clearer thinking, losing weight and my stress levels have gone way down. I always assumed I understood what getting good sleep felt like and have tried various sleep aids like herbal supplement blends, over the counter non-addictive & addictive sleep aids, white/pink/brown noise generators, soothing music, etc. But now KNOW what good sleeps feels like.

Adding to my successful nights now I actually get more done throughout the day and am more relaxed over all.

Hands down, I am blown away at the results of Sova8. Thank you,

Joshua Blom

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